Shenzhen Sound Waves Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (SOUND WAVES) was founded in 2007. We are a professional sound design company with our headquarter in Hong Kong (SOUND WAVES Art District) and chain offices in mainland China. Our company is run under the management system leading by the chief executive. The SOUND WAVES Art District (the Hong Kongheadquarter) functions as the provider of technical supports, whereas the Shenzhen Sound Waves Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is themajorproductionbase. We also haveour branches in cities such as Hangzhou, Beijing and Tianjin.

SOUND WAVES, a first-class professional and technical team, made up by elites who have outstanding achievements in various sound industries. We are passionate, creative and determined. We enjoy working in this audio wonderland which brings us happiness.

SOUND WAVES, a dedicated team made up of experienced voice artists and production professionals, is proud that we have made over ten thousands minutes opuses with the support of our well-equipped studios, advanced technologies and scientific management mechanism.

At the types of the sound production dimension, our services cover dubbing and voice design, sound effect design and production, music creation, BGM editing, Multichannel sound production, Sound mixing and Post Production.





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